March 5, 2018

It all Begins with your BIG PICTURE Questionnaire … Here is a Peek at How it Works : )

Our Flients wish to downsize and embrace an urban lifestyle with innovative and highly efficient uses of a limited foot print. Here is a peak at their wishlist to share a little of how we begin co-creating your ideal home!
June 2, 2016

3 Clever ways to store your Pots out in the Open

Functionality in a kitchen is top priority but that doesn’t mean style and design have to be thrown out the window. Displaying your pots out in the open keeps both design and functionality in mind. Here are a couple of past homes we found a way to showcase pots and pans with functionality in mind.
January 19, 2016

Curing Dysfunctional House Syndrome: A Case Study

Our flients bought a house that needed a lot of work in a great neighbourhood. They hired a company to do the design and asked us to build. But we couldn’t ’cause the design didn’t capitalize on the property’s value. When they saw our new concept they decided to start over and here’s why….