October 25, 2016

Homecology 101 with Moneca Kaiser: Homecology Podcast – Episode 2

Homecology is a synthesis of some things that are very important to us but we don't really talk about a lot. It connotes something about community and environment, and it's evocative of something meaningful to us. We all long for home. We talk about homecoming journeys. We write poems about home, and we all know what homesickness is, and I wanted to try to study that, to what is it that makes up a home, and I wanted to begin a conversation about what those elements are, so Homecology is about our interdependence, and our community, I guess. What I'm trying to do is elevate the build environment to be in harmony with the culture and ecosystem we're dependent on, to have more of a symbiotic relationship with everything.
September 8, 2016

Home Investment with Moneca Kaiser :HomeEcology Podcast – Episode 1

Moneca Kaiser is a Philosopher, Carpenter and home designer. In this podcast we speak on the value of good and sustainable home investment.