Sunday Children’s Visitation Policy

  1. The inmate receiving the children’s visit has to have been incarcerated within the facility for at least thirty (30) days.
  2. Sunday children’s visit will occur once a month or according to inmate population, visiting hours will be from 1:00p.m—-4:00p.m.
  3. Biological or step children under the age of 18, supervised by an adult, will be permitted to visit during Sunday children’s visit
    inmates must submit a list of children to visit no later then two Fridays before the visit is to take place. (2 weeks and 2 days prior to selected Sunday)
  4. Your child needs to be properly supervised at all times.
  5. There will be no property dropped off, or accepted during the visit.
  6. Any adult supervising the child, cannot have any felony convictions or cannot have been an inmate incarcerated within the facility in the passed year (12 months). The adult supervisor will have a background check prior to the visit being started.
  7. Each children’s visit will last 60 minutes long.
  8. Children’s visits are for the children, if the child isn’t visiting the visit will be ended.

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