Covid Visitation Update

Visitation is now back open at the Franklin County Security Center, with minor changes to guidelines due to Covid-19 safety. 

  • Inmates are only allowed 1 visitor per visit, 1 visit per day.
  • No children under the age of 18 may visit at this time. 
  • New inmates are placed in quarantine for 7 days upon their book-in at the Security Center. All quarantined inmates visitation is on SUNDAY during the same time periods.
  • Sunday children’s visits are cancelled until further notice
  • 3 visitors may be present in visitation at one time & 3 additional visitors may wait in the lobby of the Security Center. Any additional visitors will have to wait outside the Security Center until they are checked by staff and brought inside.

All other visitation policies & rules are back in effect. These 5 changes take precedent over any conflicting rules found elsewhere.


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