Our Department

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department provides exemplary year-round, 24-hour service to the citizens of Franklin County and adheres to the highest standards of ethical behavior. The department’s primary objective is to provide a safe community environment in Franklin County, with the highest level of service possible. The organization is committed to safeguarding the community that makes Franklin County a great place to live, work, and play.


The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department deputies take on widely diverse challenges and responsibilities every day. Our department proudly serves a growing community, and we do so with core values of teamwork, commitment to quality service, innovation and integrity. 

Community Activity

Our deputies are encouraged to get out of their cars, get to know the people in the community, build trust and problem-solving partnerships with community members and work to improve the quality of life in Franklin County. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department plays an active role in community support activities, such as National Night Out Against Crime.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department takes pride in educating area businesses by offering crime prevention tips and security assessments. Deputies conduct foot patrols, check the security of businesses nightly, and regularly communicating with businesses to build partnerships and offer assistance.


371 Main St, Brookville, IN 47012, USA

+1 765-647-4138