Community Outreach & Crime Prevention

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to building community partnerships with residents, business owners and those that visit Franklin County. The programs are designed to encourage conversation, education and participation. Some of the nationally standardized programs such as National Night Out have been extremely successful and allow opportunities for personal community engagement with officers and dispatchers. Education is essential in outreach programs and include child and personal safety. Crime Prevention is best achieved by partnerships with the community and law enforcement. Citizens taking ownership with their neighborhood combined with direct action can improve the quality of life for the citizens of Franklin County.

Community Outreach 

Preventing Crime

You can prevent crime in your community in several different ways. These tips are very basic habits you can implement for yourselves, your children, your neighbors and friends to help prevent crime and improve the quality of life in your community.

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Become familiar with the vehicles on your street
  • Close your garage doors
  • Don’t leave your car idling unattended
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Lock your front and back door
  • Mark and safely secure items of value
  • Report crime or suspicious activity to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department immediately

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